November 27th

We awoke and rode our bikes past the small town of Abu Dom and stopped in the last town El Mutaga before a 300km stretch with no significant towns until Khartoum the capitol. In El Mutaga I ate some Foole and eggs and purchased bread. I was excited to find a spoon to replace the one I lost. I can’t say I enjoyed eating pasta and other foods with my hands the last few days like the Sudani people. Overall today was much better than yesterday. Once we left El Mutaga a strong tailwind picked up which allowed me to sustain a speed around 25 to 30 km/hr. The day went by fast. Most of the day we had expansive views of the desert. The first 50 km there were no trees in sight. It felt like I was in a Mad Max film cycling through a hot desolate landscape and getting honked at by horns that let out carnival like tunes. We stopped at a way station to boil eggs and filter water. I made pita bread tomato paste and feta cheese sandwiches for lunch. The cheese and tomato paste sandwiches have become a regular meal/lunch time snack because all those items are readily available at most stores. We continued riding and started seeing trees towards the end of the day and camped close to the highway.

Camp spot

Desolate view

Way station/rest stop


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