November 26th

Today was a challenging day. We did not get started until 7 a.m.  I was run off the road a number of times by large buses traveling at ridiculous speeds.  Its not uncommon to be honked at by vehicles on the wrong side of the road.  Passed a couple of dump trucks filled to the brim with sand that blasted me in the face as I passed. And  rocks were thrown at me by two different groups of children. The second time, Honky and I stopped and started throwing them right back. Not to mention a strong headwind for much of the day that made riding arduous.  Despite all this, the food in El Dabbah made it worth it. I ordered a large bowl of Foole fresh bread and a couple scrambled eggs. I was also able to dispose of my trash I had been carrying for several hundred miles into a trash can. In previous towns I’ve been told to throw my garbage on the ground. This is a common attitude in both Egypt and Sudan and something I refuse to take part in. We hung out in town for the hottest hours of the day and found a place to camp behind some sand dunes.

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