The Route

Baja Divide


My current adventure is biking the Baja divide with 3 friends.  We start in San Diego and end in La Paz after first heading to the tip of Baja.  We are riding bikes designed for sand and dirt with wide 3″ tires.   Approximately 90 percent of the route is off road with   +91,636 ft  of elevation over the 1700 miles.


Prior Journey

Pounds and Free-range will be following the original trans-continental journey of the Tour-de-Africa. covering almost 12,000 km in less than 6 months.  This journey has been described as ” A test of mind, body, and bicycle. ”   They route takes them through 10 countries.   Starting at the Mediterranean sea at the top of Egypt,  they will bicycle along the Nile  passing ancient Temples, through deserts, though the Ethiopian biblical landscape, the Simian Mountains.   They will cross the Equator in Kenya and pass Kilimanjaro.  They will visit Lake Malawi, Victoria Falls, and  skim the boarders of the Namib and Kalahari deserts.   The trip will end in Cape Town South Africa.