November 25th

We awoke at 3:30 A.M.  The moon was still up and bright. Within minutes we could hear a chorus of Muslims reciting morning prayers in Arabic coming from 3 or 4 different directions. It was a bit haunting but also beautiful. Within a few miles of being on the road I honked at a dog that was barking and running towards me. This seemed to further aggravate the animal and I needed to pedal fast to get away.  A couple hours into the day, after retracing a missed turn, we made it to Dongola. I was excited to be able to purchase produce for the first time in a couple days. Also found some falafels, fried dough and rotisserie chicken for lunch. I have given up being a vegetarian for this trip because it is sometimes difficult to find healthy options that do not have meat. Several hours out of town it was getting dark and we set up camp in a giant hole that hid us from the highway.


A man herding goats along highway.

A fruit stand Dongola


Eroded road we had to go around.

Hole that we camped in next to highway.

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