Follow the adventures of Riley (Pounds) on this blog. Riley is currently in Africa on a journey from Alexandria to Capetown on a bicycle.  He is traveling with Art ,AKA (Free Range Honky),  through 10 countries and plans to complete this journey in less 6 months.

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Trees for the Future

Please feel free to follow my adventures and subscribe to my blog on this site.   I am riding also to bring awareness to the deforestation that is occurring throughout Africa  and have set up a go fund me account to collect money for the Trees for future.    If you would like to contribute to this cause please click on the logo above and you be directed to the go fund me account.   100 percent of all donated funds will be  sent to the charity.

Our Mission

Trees for the Future is working to end hunger and poverty for small holder farmers through revitalizing degraded lands.

Our Solution

The Forest Garden Program is a simple, replicable and scalable approach with proven success. By planting specific types of fast-growing trees, fruit trees, hardwoods and food crops in a systematic manner over a four year period, families can positively change their lives forever. Forest Gardens consist of thousands of trees that provide families with sustainable food sources, livestock feed, products to sell, fuel wood and a 400% increase in their annual income in four years.

Our Goal

We can help families escape extreme poverty if they only knew how to transform their lands into Forest Gardens. To build global awareness of our solution we aim to lift a million people out of poverty using the Forest Garden Approach. This initial goal will require working with 125,000 impoverished families to plant 500 million trees.

Take a look at where we are now. View our latest impact report.

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  After graduating college i decided the 9-5 grind in an office was not for me. I have been working seasonal jobs for the past couple years which include Alta Ski Resort, a fire crew with the Forest Service, and cashiering at a restaurant. Seasonal work gives me the flexibility to travel during the off season. I have completed both the Continental Divide and Appalachian trails, and this year i decided to give hiking a rest and bike through Africa. This journey will take me through 10 Countries, starting at the Mediterranean in Alexandria, Egypt to Cape Town South Africa. You will find a link below to subscribe to my blog for updates. Please feel free to post messages and comments on the blog. I will update as frequently as possible depending on connectivity.

Why I am biking through Africa?
I chose to go on a bike tour this winter as opposed to a hiking trip because I wanted to try something new. Being on a bike allows me to cover larger distances and eat better tasting food as I dont have to worry about food weight in the same way I do when I go backpacking. It also seems like the ideal way to travel through different countries because being on a bike as opposed to a car or other motorized vehicle forces you to slow down and interact more with your surroundings while remaining in good physical health. I chose the Tour d Afrique route through the African continent because I wanted to travel through a place significantly different from anywhere I’ve been before.  This route was designed to avoid going through some of the most unstable regions and should be relatively safe. We also hear a lot of stories about “Africa” (as if its a homogeneous country) on the news that purport it to be a turbulent place full of civil unrest, disease, poverty, and immense suffering. I wanted to see for myself what each of the 10 countries Ill travel through is really like and has to offer. How their view of the world and way of life is similar or different from my own. I also want to learn how to overcome new challenges such as language/cultural barriers. there has been a lot of voiced concerns from friends and family about the safety of this trip. Rest assured I will not take any undue risks and have taken a number of precautions for my health and well being.
Riley Quine


02-08-2020 New Adventure

Pounds and Half Spice are heading out on an all new adventure today…..  The Lake Placid Trail in winter.   Not many have successfully completed this trail in winter due to the extremely cold weather, snow and river crossings.  This will be Pounds first snow shoeing expedition.   Stay tuned for updates.

April 24th

I had time to visit the gardens in Cape Town before my flight. I’m not normally a fan of botanical gardens but this one was spectacular. Some of the trees were over 150 years old. This picture does not really do it justice.


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