December 20th

This morning we passed a town with women carrying pots of water on their heads. Tomas noticed his rack was broken and used some tape and a hose clamp to make a temporary repair. I had some kids chase after me and ask me for money. I have found that if you talk to the kids, wave, say hello, and spout a fair amount of gibberish they more often than not refrain from throwing rocks at you. Knowing that the day was not going to be easy, I let Thomas and Arthur ride ahead and I rode at a slow pace for the first 400 meter climb. We had 1400m of climbing to do in 114km. Adrien had bad food poisoning again and took a bus with Simon ahead. We stopped for breakfast in Amanuel and had some eggs. In Debre Markos, I purchased some tasty toasted barley and peanut mix and continued on until I caught up with Tomas. We ate vegetable pasta in a small town. We finished the day’s ride in Dejen, the town at the cusp of the descent into the infamous Blue Nile Gorge.

This view reminds me of Kansas

These guys have my respect taking down a large tree without the use of power tools

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