November 4th and 5th

We took a 3 hour harrowing shuttle from the Cairo airport to Alexandria. our driver would weave quickly between cars with little clearance on either side of the vehicle. he seemed to find joy in making these Nascaresque maneuvers. I got some tea in a shop. As Egypt has a high Muslim population there are fewer bars. Hookah/ tea shops are very common. We assembled bikes in hotel room and went for a night ride. Navigating on the streets can be interesting because bikes and pedestrians don’t have the right of way like they do back in the U.S. The lines denoting different car lanes often seem like nothing more than a friendly reminder and horns are frequently used. My air horn on my bike works great and makes biking enjoyable as I can blast it as I go through traffic to alert people where I am. it might be my favorite piece of equipment.

View from our Hotel Room in Alexandria

Street Vendors Alexandria

Pickle Palace

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