November 9th

We decided to stay for the day in Giza. We visited our favorite Falafel place which is always bustling with business.  During our day we had a number of people attempt to “baksheesh” us.  Baksheesh is the Egyptian term for a request for money for a good or service.  What that meant for us is that many people were requesting we go with them for camel rides or putting stuff on our heads and demanding money. There are even guides online giving tips on how to baksheesh check it out . Aside from the hustling, the pyramids were really neat.
How to Become a Master of Baksheesh in Egypt (Tip or Bribe?)
Egyptian Baksheesh is the art form of tip or bribe which you will encounter when traveling in Egypt
Favorite Falafel place

In Giza at Pyramid with Honky
Riley Quine

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