November 8th

The next morning we were honored to share breakfast together. There was a wide variety of food that was tasty. Before eating we washed our faces and hands in the wash room and took off our shoes. We sat on cushions on the carpet and ate off a low table with our hands. We conversed via google translate and learned much about our hosts family and beliefs. The people we met are all part of the same tribe (group of family and friends). He also told us that in his tradition once you share a meal with someone you form a pact of friendship, and that last night while conversing between themselves they decided that it was their duty as faithful Muslims to help us out as they considered it unsafe for us to continue on in the dark. We were sad to say goodbye but had to leave in order to make it to Giza (the start of the official Tour d Afrique route). After 60 miles we stopped at a small bakery and ate some Baklava and other sweet pastries. Entering Giza was an exciting experience. Traffic increased and I was chased by 3 dogs. I was thankful for my air horn which stunned them long enough for me to get away. We let google maps guide us to a hotel which often creates an interesting route. we soon found ourselves going through dirt alleyways with kids running around, men sitting outside and a few small shops. We almost got trampled by a horse running down the street.  With some difficulty and lots of questioning locals we found the happy days inn down an unnamed dirt alleyway. It was unfortunately a multi floored building. which meant carrying our heavy bikes and gear up four flights of stairs. It has become somewhat common to book rooms on the third or fourth floor and also to have doors that are difficult to lock and missing door handles. It was worth it though, from the roof we had a spectacular view of the pyramids. we could also see the main street full of people walking around, taxis, children running and playing, venders hawking souvenirs, and a man riding a donkey. You could also see the spire of a mosque next door which broadcasted the daily prayers over loud speakers. I find that I feel at home in these lively neighborhoods.

Family i was honored to stay with and share breakfast

Amazing Meal


View from the rooftop

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