November 23rd

We awoke around 3:30 in the morning so we could get out before sunrise and ride during the coolest hours of the day.  Early into the morning ride we stopped in a small village and bought some coffee and fried dough from the locals.  Several times during the day we had to bike around sections of asphalt that had been eroded away during previous storms.  We rode past some kids standing in the middle of the road and demanding that we stop and give them money. In the town of Abri we met many nice people who wanted to welcome us and ask us our names and a few other conversational questions that they knew in English. A group of friendly kids were also excited to race on foot next to me. At the local restaurant we got some Foole (beans dish) and eggs. The rest of the day we had a significant tail wind which pushed us along and allowed for fast cycling. As the day was coming to a close we had a difficult time finding a good campsite. We tried camping near the Nile in some palm trees, but the bugs were horrific. We wound up camping within sight of the highway where there was a slight breeze that kept the bugs at bay.

Camels outside small village where we got coffee.

Small Village.

It is common to see children or adults riding donkeys.

Foole and eggs.

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