November 22nd

The day started with us making our mandatory visit to the police station to register ourselves in Sudan. It took about an hour as we had to meet and talk with a number of different people at the station to complete the paperwork. After leaving the town we took a short lunch and began what would be a brutal day of riding around 11 am. The sun beat down on us and I squinted against the glare of the pavement as we rode through the hottest hours of the day.  A number of dead cattle lay strewn across the side of the road. Flies were a nuisance and I was thankful whenever a breeze picked up, even was a headwind slowing me down. The landscape was beautiful in a very desolate way. Miles of desert lay in every direction with black rock outcroppings poking out  as well as several mountains we rode through. I had to ration my water because I was drinking too much and making myself sick. Late afternoon we were pleased to find a hut with water for travelers in clay pots and a man willing to cook up eggs.  As it was getting dark we took a dirt road a couple tenths of a mile away from the highway and set up camp for the night and cooked a tasty lentil spice dish with feta cheese.

Honky in the distance


Water pots for thirsty travelers. First of many we encountered

Water hut from a distance away.

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