November 21st

We took a ferry across Lake Nassr in the morning and biked about 15 miles to the Sudanese border. We had heard many stories about how it can take 4 to 6 hours at the border and that they sometimes make you empty all your bags out for inspection.  I was worried about what obstacles we might encounter given the struggles we have faced up to this point with the  Egyptian bureaucracy. To my surprise the process was relatively fast and the Sudanese officials seemed happy to invite us into their country.  I’m very happy to be out of Egypt and optimistic that we will have an easier time cycling through Sudan. Most of the time we spent at the border was counting and exchanging money. We first had to bargain with the money changer for a fair rate which we had been told is 2.9 Sudanese to 1 Egyptian. We needed to exchange enough cash to get us through Sudan which we’ve been told has no banks or functioning ATM machines. We continued on to the town of Wadi Halfa and found a place to stay for 300 Sudanese or about 6 U.S. dollars.

Riding to Wadi Halfa to enter Sudan. Excited to be back on my bicycle.


The ferry across lake Nassr

Solar Charging on ferry

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