November 14

We awoke early hoping to make significant progress towards Luxor. We were stopped at a police checkpoint around 9 am or 30 miles into the day. They rejected our repeated requests to continue on the road and repeatedly told us what the previous checkpoint had. That the road was unsafe for travel. We spent all day and tried to no avail to find a guide company to escort us through these checkpoints.  Upon being denied a police escort and being threatened to be deported we rode back to Hurghada and caught a bus to Luxor. Its unfortunate but given the circumstances we decided it would be best not to test the police a 3rd time and to catch a bus and ferry to Sudan in a couple days.  We arrived late in Luxor and found a hotel near the Cornish (road bordering the Nile) on the east (more touristy) side of the Nile.

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