New Adventure Begins


Baja Divide


Nick has embarked on a new adventure departing San Diego on 12/30/2021 for a 1700 plus mile bike ride down the Baja Divide.  He is traveling this time with 3 friends (more to follow) and will be gone approximately 2 months.    After spending the night in a hostel in San Diego they departed first thing in the morning towards the border crossing at Tecate.   While  rain was in the forecast they were lucky and stayed dry until about 2AM…. I slept in a tent.   Passed Lower Otay reservoir.  Camping by the boarder was crazy… mysterious flashing blue lights in the hills and border patrol with helicopters flying above..  He is traveling with Meat Sweats, Dad/aka Freebird, and Toast.



On our way out of San Diego


Camping spot first night….   Border patrol paid us  visit in the A.M!

Lower Otay Reservoir