January 31st

We rode through a number of small towns and along the game reserve. The road condition was worst today and Arthur took a bad fall in a sand pit damaging his bike bag. The tse tse biting flies were intense through the reserve. I went faster than I probably should have to get away from these persistent disease carrying insects and had to swiftly correct my bike as it fishtailed in sand. We made it to the town of Rungwa after a long day and stayed at a guesthouse. Arthur hates this dirt road. Even though it’s a real challenge at times and my body is taking a beating I’m glad we chose this path. I enjoy the challenge and how rural this stretch feels. Its refreshing to get away from the frequented tourist areas. Many of these small villages haven’t seen a white person in weeks if not months.


A shepherd chasing his herd and whacking the animals into motion with a stick so that we can pass.

We saw many of these hanging logs throughout the day and later learned that they are beehives.

The reserve and home of the dreaded tse tse fly.

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