December 9th

We awoke early and cycled 35 km to the following town with a hotel. We breakfasted in a small village on our way. I felt like the main attraction for the village this morning. Just about every child and many of the adults crowded around to watch us eat. I got my first taste of Injaru with beef. Injaru is a wet sour bread that in my opinion makes a better science experiment than a food. We decided to call it a day in Shehibi, as the next town was 100 km away through an area known to have recently had ethnic fighting between different tribes. I have no desire to camp in this region. We visited a few different coffee shops that were roasting fresh beans in pans. The coffee here has been spectacular. The Sudanese love to load their coffee with cardamon and a ridiculous amount of sugar its great to have normal tasting coffee. Whats a bit concerning is the number of local Ethiopian men that walk around town armed with AK47s and other semiautomatic rifles.

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