December 8th

We got an early start for the border The riding was fantastic. We rode through beautiful plains and climbed a small hill before the border. The first real hill we have encountered of the trip so far. Egypt and Sudan were very flat. Upon arriving in Galabat the border town on the Sudanese side we took care of all the paperwork and bureaucratic steps involved with exiting Sudan and entering Ethiopia. On the Ethiopian side we got our fingerprints taken and what I presumed to be an infrared thermometer gun pointed at our foreheads to test us for Ebola. Thankfully I don’t have the Ebola. In the Ethiopian office was a calendar showcasing a picture of a cold glass of beer. As if to say welcome to Ethiopia we aren’t Muslim and we drink beer. We stayed in Metema Ethiopia that night and celebrated. Some shifty money changers followed us to the hotel and I got shorted a few dollars in the exchange.

The women of Sudan wear colorful clothing which is a welcome change from all the black shrouds of Egypt

The landscape is changing.

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