December 30th

Most of the day I hung out and slept. Arthur and I met a nice man named Paul Amirit who had just finished worship inside the Sikh temple. He invited us to come with his friend to a movie and to go mountain biking tomorrow. The city of Kampala is possibly the most western city I’ve been in so far. There are high rise buildings in the city center. Modern conveniences, like grocery stores, are also available on almost every street corner. Kampala is culturally interesting because the country of Uganda welcomes refugees and people from other countries. Therefore the city consists of a mixture of Ugandans, Indians, and Somalians. There are mosques as well as Sikh temples and Christian churches all over the city. Dinner tonight was fantastic. I had sweet and sour vegetables with yogurt inside a crunchy bread roll at a small Indian restaurant. I had never tried anything like it before. Amirit picked us up and I finished dinner on the way to the movie theater. We saw Aqua man which was entertaining. It was nice to have a mental break from the stress of our lost bicycles.

Traditional Ugandan food. Rice, beans, matoke (cooked green banana) and chapati (bread dough cooked in oil)

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