1/1/2022 – 1/4/2022 UPDATED

Nick is currently in Uruapan which is  South of Ensenada.  He has experienced  equipment problems including a broken shift cable and stuck disk brake.   His bicycle is stuck in a single gear which makes the hill climbs difficult.  In addition he removed the brake pads from the inoperable wheel  in order to continue the journey.  He will be hitching a ride north to Ensenada to repair his brake and shifting cable. He is in good spirits despite the bike issues.

Update from Nick:

It is below freezing  at night,  we warm up next to campfires.  Food has been limited, we are eating a lot of packages of beans and other staples like oatmeal and cheese/crackers.  I look forward to a hot cup of coffee next to the campfire every morning.

People have been very nice and the food in restaurants has been delicious whenever we hit towns.

(note: updated with pictures)







Lunch Spot

Drying sleeping bags

Its been cold , below freezing every night

Ride out of Ojos Negros lots of pasture land and cattle

Nick is happy to be at the top of a grueling  climb

Steep rocky terrain calls for frequent hike-a-bike.  Dad is pushing his bike up the hill in this picture.

An abandoned building in the distance on the ride into Uruapan

First couple days had to dodge a lot of mud puddles, many of which were frozen in the morning.