1/29 to 2/2

We made it to Mulege,  we are 4 days ahead of schedule.  We will take a zero day and enjoy town.  Mulege is beautiful but touristy.   We had no problems finding a hotel.  We will search for a boat to take us across to the peninsula instead of taking the moderately dangerous and less interesting Mexico 1 highway.  Enjoy the pictures!


Whales/Dolphin in San Ignacio Bay

We went on a Panga boat into the bay and saw  so many Whales and dophin:

This small fishing Village is flooded during high tide each day:

We stopped for a dip at lunch:

Look how dark “Dad’s” legs are,  the sun is intense:

The desert is so amazingly beautiful,   it varies so frequently and is breath taking.

More ancient rock drawings in La Trinidad just out side Muleg

The paintings feature a collection of animal depictions, including a famous painting of a large orange deer with a checkerboard pattern. The deer is a recurring theme in prehistoric rock art throughout Baja and the La Trinidad deer is known for being the best example of the motif.


No i’m not a frog!  The drawing below is a Shaman next to a dead deer: