1/20/2022 – 1/25/2022

We have made it to Vizcaino, Baja Mx.   We encounter quite a bit of deep sand which was challenging to ride on.   Part of the passage included 125 mile stretch with no water,  so we carried extra weight.  We found ruins with  7 to 9 thousand year old rock paintings.    The very nice mechanic at the local bike shop who was fixing my bike roasted me a little when he said that the part he was fixing was “cassette económico”  which is quite true as i did not have time to wait for a quality part to be shipped before leaving for Mexico.  (we all found this funny)  We had a little drama in the hotel we were staying in,  the bathroom door would tend to lock on its own,  the solution according to the hotel management was do not close the bathroom door.   Needless to say that was not going to happen with 4 guys eating Mexican food and staying in the same hotel room.   3 or 4 more times we locked ourselves out of el baño,.

Here are some pictures: